N207AS CC2510 module, radio module

N207AS radio module based TI CC2510, designed for 2400MHz-2483MHz ISM band, 1dBm output power.

N207AS Specifications

Protocols                             IEEE 802.15.4
Frequency bands (MHz)                      2400-2483
TX power (Max) (dBm)       1
RX current (lowest) (mA)   18
TX current (lowest) (mA)        19
Sleep current (lowest) (uA)1
Data rate (Max) (kbps)    500
Operating temperature range (C)       -30 to 75
Package                           SMD
Size                                                          26 x 17 x 3mm
Antenna   Interface          PCB antenna, IPEX

N207AS datasheet download

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N207AS-2400M     CC2510   1dbm, 2400Mhz-2483Mhz

Radio module based TI CC2510 and CC2592. Designed for 2400MHz-2483MHz ISM band. 1dBm, 20dBm output power optional.

N209AS, cc2510 CC2592 module, 2400Mhz, radio module, CC2510 CC2591 module

N209AS radio module based TI CC2510, CC2592, designed for 2400MHz band, 20dBm output power.

N209AS Specifications

Protocols                             IEEE 802.15.4, Wireless M-Bus   (T, S, C mode), 6LoWPAN, MIOTY
Frequency bands (MHz)                      287-351, 359-439, 431-527, 718-878, 861-1054
TX power (Max) (dBm)       20
RX current (lowest) (mA)   21
TX current (lowest) (mA)        160
Sleep current (lowest) (uA)1
PeripheralsSPI, UART
Data rate (Max) (kbps)    500
Operating temperature range (C)       -30 to 75
Package                           SMD
Size                                                          32 x 18 x 3mm
Antenna   Interface          PCB antenna, ipex

N209AS datasheet Download

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N209AS-2400M     CC2510+CC2592     20dbm, 2400Mhz-2483Mhz

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N532FS-868M     CC1310 +PA               24dbm, 860Mhz-960Mhz

N532ES-433M     CC1310 +PA+LNA     30dbm, 410Mhz-440Mhz

N532ES-490M     CC1310 +PA+LNA     30dbm, 470Mhz-510Mhz

N532ES-868M     CC1310 +PA+LNA     30dbm, 860Mhz-880Mhz

N532ES-915M     CC1310 +PA+LNA     30dbm, 910Mhz-930Mhz

N620PA-868M     CC1310 +CC1190     27dbm, 860Mhz-880Mhz

N620PA-915M     CC1310 +CC1190     27dbm, 910Mhz-930Mhz