CC1310 Module, +30dBm, N532ES

Frequency: 433M,868M,915MHZ
Output Power: 30dBm
Size: 36x22x3mm
Brand: Coral RF
Modulation: FSK
Package: SMD
Model: N532ES

N532ES high power CC1310 module

Radio mdoule based TI CC1310, PA and LNA.

N532ES high power CC1310 module designed for 433M, 868M and 915 MHz band. Up to +30 dBm output power,   down to -126 dBm sensitivity.

N532ES high power cc1310 module integrated TI CC1310F128 chip, high power PA and LNA, suitable for 433M, 868M and 915MHz band. The maximum output power of the module is 30 dBm(+3.6V). support loRa and FSK modulation.

N532ES module up to 30dBm output power and down to -112dBm sensitivity( 50 Kbps). SPI port, RF pin or IPEX optional, SMD package, small size. The module is designed with 4-layer board, with excellent impedance matching and anti-interference. The module is mainly for internet of things, intelligent home, wireless meter reading, scientific research and medical treatment, and medium and long-distance wireless communication equipment.

N532ES module leads most pins out of CC1310F128RGZ for secondary development. AT commands support.

The module available frequence is from 410 to 960 Mhz,The hardware is designed for maximum range, 10000m + Range (Line of Sight).

N532ES (CC1310) is suitable for free frequency band in EU and USA.

The module uart maximum rate: 115200 bps.

Module Support Wireless protocols

IEEE 802.15.4g, IPv6-enabled smart objects (6LoWPAN), MIOTY®, Wireless M-Bus, WiSUN®, KNX RF, Amazon Sidewalk, proprietary systems, SimpleLink™ TI 15.4 stack (Sub-1 GHz), and dynamic multiprotocol manager (DMM)driver.

Application Area

  • Sub 1G ISM System

  • Smart water meter, Gas meter

  • Street light solutiion

  • 6lowpan system

  • Edge routing

  • 6lowpan Gateway

  • FSK frequency band system

  • WMBUS, Wi-SUN, WB-DSSS, Sigfox

  • Simplelink Long Range

ISM Frequency supported by N532ES module

433M band: 433 MHz to 435 MHz (China, EU)

470M band: 470 MHz to 510 MHz (China)

779M band: 770 MHz to 780 MHz (China)

868M band: 868 MHz to 870 MHz (China, EU, USA)

                       888 MHz to 889 MHz (Australia)

915M band: 902 MHz to 928 MHz (USA)

RF InterfaceParameterHardware parametersValue
Frequency433M, 868M, 915 MHzModule Size36 x 22 x 3 mm
Output Power+30 dBmAntenna InterfaceIPEX, stamp hole
Sensitivity-112 dBmInterfaceUART, SPI
Symbol Rate0.3-4000 kbpsPackageSMD
Deviation+/-10 kHzVolt+3.3 V
Working Temperature-30℃~ 75℃PA Volt+3.6 V
TX Current1000 mARX Current14 mA
Sleep current2 uA

Distance10000 m

Download datasheet

Ordering information

N532ES-433M     CC1310+PA             30dbm, 410Mhz-440Mhz

N532ES-490M     CC1310+PA             30dbm, 470Mhz-510Mhz

N532ES-868M     CC1310+PA             30dbm, 860Mhz-880Mhz

N532ES-915M     CC1310+PA             30dbm, 910Mhz-930Mhz

Other modules

N530AS-433M     CC1310                    14dbm, 410Mhz-510Mhz

N530AS-868M     CC1310                    14dbm, 860Mhz-960Mhz

N532FS-433M     CC1310+PA              24dbm, 410Mhz-510Mhz

N532FS-868M     CC1310+PA              24dbm, 860Mhz-960Mhz

N620PA-868M     CC1310+CC1190     27dbm, 860Mhz-880Mhz

N620PA-915M     CC1310+CC1190     27dbm, 910Mhz-930Mhz

Other Dongle USB

N534AP-433M     CC1310   14dbm, 410Mhz-510Mhz

N534AP-868M     CC1310   14dbm, 860Mhz-960Mhz

Test method of N532ES module

Take the supporting base plate of Coral Radio technology as an example:

The bottom board of N532ES is T532AP, which integrates USB to serial chip, led, button, burning port and module card port. As shown in the figure:

CC1310 Module,CC1310 Module test board

Range test of N532ES module

N532ES distance test adopts the USB to serial port module shown in the figure below:

N532ES TEST board

The board is composed of USB to serial port backplane, module and antenna. It is connected with the computer through USB cable to send and receive test data and distance.

N532ES module secondary development method

The CC1310 module is stuck on the backplane as shown in the figure, and the IPEX is connected with the antenna. The burning port is connected with xds110 according to the silk screen printing, and then online simulation can be carried out to test the performance of the module.

Module Programming

The schematic diagram of the module base plate can be obtained from our official website.

Please contact us for specific programming information or download it from TI official website

AT command

The default setting of the module is the wireless serial port code, support at commmand.

If need to use our code directly, please contact us for usage methods.

Files download

N532ES Software code example‍            Download  N532ES datasheet            Download CC1310 datasheet

N620PA cc1310 cc1190 27dbm, 868M, 915M.pdf
N534 CC1310 uart RF dongle.pdf
N530AS CC1310 Module 14dbm.pdf
N532ES CC1310 PALNA Module,30dbm.pdf
N532FS CC1310 PA Module,24dbm.pdf