New generation Internet of things gateway CC1312

Issuing time:2020-08-10 00:00Author:Croral radio

CC1312R device is a wireless MCU lower than 1GHz, which is oriented to wireless M-BUS, IEEE 802.15.4g.

Intelligent object supporting IPv6 (6LoWPAN), KNX RF, wi sun ® And proprietary systems, including Ti 15.4-stack.

The CC1312R device is a cost-effective, ultra-low power, 2.4GHz and lower than 1GHz RF device simplelink ™ A member of MCU platform. Very low active RF and microcontroller (MCU) current, sleep current below 1 µ A and ram retention up to 80Kb protected by parity provide excellent battery life and support medium and long-term operation in energy acquisition applications relying on small button batteries.

Cc1312R device combines flexible ultra-low power RF transceiver with powerful 48 MHz arm on a platform supporting multiple physical layers and RF standards ® Cortex ®- The m4f CPU is combined. Dedicated radio controller (ARM) ® Cortex ®- M0) can process low-level RF protocol commands stored in ROM or ram, thus ensuring ultra-low power consumption and excellent flexibility. The low power consumption of cc1312r device will not affect the RF performance. Cc1312r device has excellent sensitivity and durability (selectivity and blocking) performance.

Cc1312R device is a highly integrated true single-chip solution, integrating a complete RF system and on-chip DC / DC converter.

Through the programmable, autonomous ultra-low power sensor controller CPU with 4KB program and data SRAM memory, the sensor can be processed at very low power consumption. The sensor controller with fast wake-up and ultra-low power consumption 2MHz mode is designed for sampling, caching and processing analog and digital sensor data. Therefore, MCU system can maximize sleep time and reduce working power consumption.

The cc1312R device is simplelink ™ Part of a microcontroller (MCU) platform that contains

Wi-Fi ®, Low power Bluetooth ®, Thread, ZigBee, MCU below 1GHz and host MCU share a common and easy-to-use development environment, including single core software development kit (SDK) and rich tool set. After one-time integration of simplelink platform, users can add any combination of devices in the product portfolio to your design, so as to realize the complete reuse of code when the design requirements change.

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