New generation Lora RF IC sx1262

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Sx1261 and sx1262 Lora ® Transceiver

Semtech's sx1261 and sx1262 Lora (low power, long distance) transceivers cover global frequencies.

Semtech's sx1261 and sx1262 are sub GHz radio transceivers supporting Lora modulation, which are suitable for lpwan (low power wide area network) and (g) FSK (Gaussian frequency shift keying) modulation. The transceiver is highly configurable to meet the global lorawan ™ Different applications of standards and in accordance with Lora Alliance ™ Issued lorawan specification physical layer requirements.

These devices are designed for long-distance wireless applications and support long battery life. The transmission power of the sx1261 is as high as +15 DBM, and the transmission power of the sx1262 is as high as +22 DBM. High energy efficiency integrated success rate amplifier is adopted. This radio appliance is applicable to systems conforming to radio specifications, including but not limited to ETSI en 300 220, FCC CFR 47 Part 15, Chinese regulatory requirements and Japanese ARIB t-108 specifications. The continuous frequency range from 150 MHz to 960 MHz can support all major sub GHz ISM bands worldwide.


• 170 DB maximum link budget

• low RX current: 4.6 Ma

• integrated DC / DC converter and LDO

• programmable bit rates up to 62.5 Kbps Lora and 300 Kbps FSK

• high sensitivity: as low as - 148 dBm

• 88 DB blocking immunity at 1 MHz offset

• common channel rejection in Lora mode 19 dB

• built in bit synchronizer for clock recovery


• asset tracking

• smart meters

• supply chain and logistics

• building automation

• smart city

• retail store sensors

• street lighting

• health care

• sensors for safety, security, environment and agriculture

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