ZigBee and Bluetooth

Issuing time:2020-12-31 13:48Author:Coral Radio

ZigBee and Bluetooth

In recent years, products based on Bluetooth protocol and ZigBee protocol are becoming more and more popular. Both modules work in the 2.4G universal free frequency band.

We take the common TI CC2530 ZigBee module and cc2540 module as examples to introduce their different application ranges.

CC2530 zigbe module is applied to ZigBee network, focusing on mesh low-power Internet of things, with a nominal rate of 250kbps. The maximum network capacity is 65535.

Cc2540 ble module is applied to ble network. Generally, a Bluetooth network has only one master and one slave, and the nominal rate can reach 4Mbps. For example, a mobile phone is connected to a Bluetooth speaker, and a mobile phone is connected to an on-board device.

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