Antenna selection of wireless module

Issuing time:2020-12-29 10:01Author:Coral radio

Antenna selection of wireless module

There are many kinds of antennas for the wireless module. Different antennas are used according to the use environment.

Sub 1g wireless module usually uses spring antenna, which has the advantages of small size, high gain and low cost. The length of the spring antenna is λ/ The effect is the best at 4. The material of the spring can be brass or stainless steel. The effect of the stainless steel spring antenna is slightly worse than that of the brass spring antenna. For applications that do not require high transmission distance of wireless modules, ordinary wires are directly selected, and normal communication can also be achieved.


2.4G wireless modules generally use PCB antenna or patch antenna. Most 2.4G RF IC design manufacturers have given the reference design of PCB antenna. When the transmission power is small, you can choose PCB antenna or patch antenna.

For wireless modules with large transmission power and high requirements for communication distance, external antennas with high gain shall be selected. Such as Yagi antenna, directional antenna, high gain whip antenna, etc. these antennas can significantly improve the communication distance of wireless modules, but the price is also slightly expensive.

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